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Moon Creative Lab is a unique place to work.

As a venture studio, Moon has the opportunity to help aspiring entrepreneurs turn their ideas into new business ventures. And because what we do is so unique, that is what makes working at Moon a little different, too.

Our Values


Here at Moon, we put people first. It’s not only ideas that grow here, it’s the people who work together to bring these bold ideas to life. Our Moon Mates embody the warmth, curiosity, and optimism that make up the human-centered culture we are building at Moon. We are dynamic individuals with unique skills and characteristics who are inspired by everything we learn and build together.


Moon is a creative space where our team can feel safe to let their ideas and creativity roam freely. We treat failure as an opportunity to learn and we feel comfortable sharing imperfect ideas. At the heart of our culture is an environment that makes it possible for people to work together to come up with innovative products and new ideas. We nurture that creative environment as the foundation on which our work can thrive.


We believe play is important for creative thinking and innovation. In play, we let go and there is no judgment. It’s improvisation. We’re allowed to do silly things and are more free knowing that no one is going to judge each other. When we can let go and be ourselves, we have the opportunity to think and create, which often leads to new ways of doing things. Play fosters our curiosity, optimism, and opens us up to new ways of thinking and doing.


The trust, authenticity, and freedom to be ourselves is what makes us come together, even under a hybrid work environment. We put our values to work and prioritize flexibility, agency, and experimentation when it comes to working across studios, time zones, and cultures. We empower our people to be who they are and support them in making the decisions that are right for them.

“One of Moon’s many strengths is the diversity of its people. Our talented team is composed of professionals from different backgrounds, cultures, experiences and geographies and we believe our ventures are all the better for the different perspectives and new ideas that they bring to their work.” 

Mary Ann Gallo Chief Marketing Officer

Diversity & Inclusion

Being human-centered is at the core of what we do and how we work at Moon. And that means seeing, respecting, and including everyone regardless of their backgrounds, beliefs, or identities. We know that culturally diverse teams transcend homogeneous ones when it comes to innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship. We believe that in a diverse team, we should feel empowered to work confidently, be who we are, and most of all, feel welcomed. However, addressing issues of disparity and exclusion means taking intentional action towards change. At Moon, we have started with these key challenges:

Gender Equity

We are all on the same team. We see each other as equals. We work hard to create gender equity and remain focused on closing the gender gap. Currently, 43% of our team identify as female and 31% of them are in leadership roles, and we continue to progress towards equal representation.

Multicultural Environment

Race matters. It shapes our experiences of and in the world. At Moon we are working purposefully to grow our team’s racial diversity and increase our awareness of bias - unconscious or not.

LGBTQIA+ Inclusion

We do our best work when we can be our true selves, work with pride, and live up to our best potential. Moon works to increase the understanding of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity among our team and has created policies and benefits to support our LGBTQIA+ community and all Moon Mates.


Our Stories

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