Ended: Moon Talk! Vol.4 - Are you ready for the future of hiring?


Online - Zoom

Moon Talk! Vol.4 - Are you ready for the future of hiring?

🌕 Location - Online (Zoom)
🌕 Cost - Free, reservations required
🌕 Time - 19:00 - 19:45, Thursday, September 28th
🌕 Language - English (Zoom Japanese subtitle will be available)
🌕 Speaker
    Michelle McCune | Global Head of Human Resources
    Fumie Hidaka | Talent Acquisition Lead

How has the development of AI impacted recruiting? How has the diversity of work styles changed the hiring process? What is the generational gap in recruiting? Michelle McCune and Fumie Hidaka, who oversee People and Talent Acquisitions at Moon Creative Lab's Palo Alto and Tokyo studios, will discuss the trends in recruiting that will greatly influence the identification, appointment, and retention of human resources in a rapidly changing business environment.
● Macro Trends in Recruiting
● AI's Impact on Recruitment and Emerging Tools
● Work Style Diversity
● Generational differences? What do Gen-Z want?
● Companies need to determine who they want and need?

Michelle McCune | Global Head of Human Resources
Michelle is the Global Head of Human Resources at Moon where she helps build, grow, and develop all of the amazing talent at Moon. During her career, Michelle has worked in HR Leadership across many different industries, in both large and small companies all over the world including Netflix, Samsung and Accenture. Her true passion is around teaching and fostering empathy.
Fumie Hidaka | Talent Acquisition Lead
Fumie has diverse experience in corporate planning/management, organizational transformation, marketing, and PR before focusing her career on recruiting for the past 10 years. She has led 0 to 1 recruiting activity at non-Japanese startups before joining Moon in March, 2021. She is currently a Talent Acquisition Lead at Moon, leading an entire recruiting activity as well as providing recruiting consulting for venture project owners.

Moon Creative Lab, a human-centered venture studio that powers the creation of new businesses, holds regular events called “Moon Talk!” These discussions provide insightful and valuable information for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and others interested in startups and innovation. With a different topic for each event, attendees will hear industry leaders and experts discuss subjects such as business strategies, the latest in corporate innovation, stories of startup founders, and deep dives into design and technology.

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