Moon Learning Labs unleash your team’s creativity to generate new business ideas and co-create with Moon, covering participants in APAC and Japan.

Moon Learning Labs are short-term engagements, anywhere from a few hours to 3 days, between Moon and corporate partners aimed at building foundational knowledge in business creation, product/​service design, and more. Together, we ideate new solutions to challenges within your sector, visualize products and services, and develop compelling go-to-market strategies and pitches.

What we offer:

Learning Labs are customized, interactive, hands-on experiences held at our Tokyo studio, at your facilities, or online. At Moon, we believe in “learning by doing” and so all Learning Labs are focused on real-world outcomes and tangible deliverables. Topics explored include:

  • Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship.
  • Corporate Innovation.
  • New Business Creation.
  • Design Thinking.
  • Lean Startup.
  • Rapid Prototyping.
  • Experiment Design.
  • User Experience Design.
  • Pitching and Presenting.
  • Mission, Vision & Values.
  • And more!

Who this is for:

Learning Labs are ideal for organizations and teams aiming to generate new business ideas or enhance existing ones. They offer a dynamic environment for:

  • Unleashing creativity and fostering the generation of fresh business ideas.
  • Gaining practical experience in cutting-edge business creation methodologies, such as design thinking and lean startup.
  • Refining and pitching initial business concepts.
  • Empowering managers to cultivate a culture of innovation within their teams.

Many Lab teams extend their ideas further in our intensive Spark and Boost programs, taking the next step to realize their business creation vision.


Please reach out to the Moon team via our Learning Labs Inquiry Form or send us an email at to learn about our pricing and ways to work together. 

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