It only takes a spark to ignite your creativity.

Spark is an 8–week, hands–on program where participants learn how to turn problems into tangible ideas that they can share.

Spark begins with an in-person event at Moon’s Tokyo Studio, then we’ll meet online each week for community events, office hours, and workshops to focus on developing your venture-building toolkit. We’ll put these lessons together at a 2-day Make-a-Thon in Tokyo where you’ll build your landing page and practice what you’ve learned with your new community of innovators.

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What will I learn?

By the end of the Spark program, participants will have: 

  • A clarified business/product concept that has been validated with real customers.
  • A detailed business plan with initial go-to-market strategy.
  • A compelling pitch deck. 
  • A real, live landing page to show the idea to the world.
  • Membership in a dynamic global community of founders and innovators. 

Who can apply to Spark?

Spark is open to any person, team, or organization looking to learn how to take a problem and turn it into a tangible idea that can be shared with potential customers.  

When is the next Spark cohort?

Applications are closed for the upcoming Spark October. Check back in the Spring when we are accepting applications again. 

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General inquiries

Would you like to learn more about our Spark program or speak with someone directly at Moon? Email us at:

How does Spark work?

Week 1  
Kick-off + Modules 1 & 2 @Tokyo

A celebratory in-person kickoff event and the first two workshops to get everyone inspired!

Dedicated time: 

1 day live, in-person event in Tokyo 
+ networking dinner

Week 2—7
Online interactive Zoom workshops

Informative lectures and guided hands-on workshops with dedicated facilitators to spark innovation.

Dedicated time:

2 hour live online workshop
+ 5 hours of self-directed project work per week

Week 8
Make-a-thon @Tokyo

Build a working website with Moon’s expert designers and engineers to promote your business to the world.

Dedicated time: 

2 day live, in-person event in Tokyo
+ networking dinner

All Weeks During Spark
Orbit @Tokyo

Join our vibrant and diverse community of new business creators during Orbit, our in-person events hosted monthly.

Learn more:  

Orbit events are regularly updated here.

Here is what will be covered
within the 8 week curriculum*:

Module 1
Finding the Right Problem

Learning focus:
Clarify and refine the problem you’re trying to solve.


Kaichi Yokoyama
Chief Executive Officer

Mike Peng
Chief Creative Officer

Module 2
Starting with Why

Learning focus: 
Create a research plan and conduct user interviews.


Takuya Yamagishi
Senior Design Researcher

Yui Aiyama
Senior Design Researcher

Module 3
Mapping the Journey

Learning focus: 
Create a user journey map to better understand your customer.


Vladimir Almonord
Design Director

Subaru Wong
Senior UI/UX Designer

Module 4
Sacrificing Ideas

Learning focus: 
Brainstorm 30 wild ideas to solve your problem and select one.


Maiya Wiester
Design Lead

Rika Matsui
Program Manager

Module 5
Making your First Bet

Learning focus: 
Sketch your Proof of Concept and prioritize initial features.


Kenneth Jeng
Senior Program Manager

Davide Petrillo
Senior Engineering Manager

Module 6
Testing what Works

Learning focus: 
Design and run an experiment to test your idea in the real market.


Jimi Okelana
Senior Design Lead

Nic Schumann
Senior Software Engineer

Module 7
Building your Case

Learning focus: 
Define your business model and go-to-market strategy.


Linda Kinning
Product Manager

Masahiro Kunieda
Business Innovation Lead

Module 8
Telling your Story

Learning focus: 
Build a pitch deck and practice your elevator pitch.


Peter Antonelli
Head of Design

Kyra Yamamoto
Marketing Director


*exact content subject to change



10/11, In-person
Module 1. Finding the Right Problem
9:30—17:30 JST

Module 2. Finding the Right Problem
9:30—17:30 JST

10/18, On-line
Module 3. Mapping the Journey
10:00—12:00 JST

10/25, On-line
Module 4. Sacrificing Ideas
10:00—12:00 JST


11/1, On-line
Module 5. Making your First Bet
10:00—12:00 JST

11/8, On-line
Module 6. Testing what Works
10:00—12:00 JST

11/15, On-line
Module 7. Building your Case
10:00—12:00 JST

11/22, On-line
Module 8. Telling your Story
10:00—12:00 JST

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