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Expanding Our Reach: A Message From Our CEO


I’m excited to announce the biggest change we’ve made at Moon Creative Lab. Today, we’re launching three new Moon programs – SparkBoost, and Orbit – that will help organizations and startup teams unlock their creative potential to start new businesses. 

Since Moon was founded in 2018, we have been working closely with Mitsui & Co. to transform our people and businesses globally. We hosted eight pitch events (in person and online), supported 150+ idea owners, and launched 10 successful ventures into the market – among many other achievements – and I’m so proud of the work we have accomplished together over the past five years.

With today’s announcement, we’re enhancing our support for Mitsui & Co. employees while broadening our reach to individuals, startups, and corporations outside the company, which will expand our community to make an even bigger impact through brilliant ideas and entrepreneurship.

Why now? 

I often spend my time thinking about how to make a greater impact at Moon through books, in-depth conversations, and listening to thought leaders’ personal experiences and stories. One quote in particular that has stood out to me through and through comes from the wise Mark Twain, which reads, “Name the greatest of all the inventors. Accident.” 

Within our two studios, I’ve witnessed accidental connections blossom into meaningful conversations and even deeper collaborations, all of which happens not by design, but by happenstance. The effects we have on our expanded network of entrepreneurs, founders, and creatives have been an outcome of the environment we’ve created and the impact of our activities.

Of course, we always start with a general course of action for every individual. But as every entrepreneur knows, the road to success is never straight or narrow, and there will be many detours along the way. These detours just might end up being better than the main thoroughfare. In fact, they might be the best road of all: happy accidents that lead to successful business outcomes. 

Nurturing more happy accidents 

Our new program offerings invite individuals to work in a unique environment with people from different backgrounds, careers, industries, cultures, and passions to work, learn, and transform – together. Mitsui & Co. employees, anyone curious about entrepreneurship, employees from outside corporations, and first-time founders are invited to leverage Moon’s resources through our new Spark, Boost, and Orbit experiences. 

Our Moon programs are for anyone who would like to:

  • Learn about human-centered new business creation.
  • Build new businesses with a diverse and creative team of global experts in design, engineering, product, marketing, and more.
  • Find co-founders and build a team.
  • Find potential joint venture partners to accelerate and scale their business.
  • Potential collaboration with Mitsui & Co. and its global network.
  • Earn $300,000 USD in funding to scale early-stage startups quickly.

Beyond expanding our efforts to create an even bigger impact, I am most excited about watching the transformation of people and businesses that will take place at Moon. You never know what happy accident at Moon might lead to the next greatest invention. 

Kaichi Yokoyama
President & CEO of Moon Creative Lab  

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