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Spark Spring '24 Exploration


Moon Creative Lab's Spark Spring 2024 program just wrapped up its third iteration with tremendous success. The event brought together 42 diverse participants from 11 countries and expatriates in Japan from Canada, the US, and the UK. The cohort included entrepreneurs, individuals, and corporate participants from Mazda, Kanazawa University, Modec, Mitsui, and Toyo Engineering.

Over five days, participants explored problem spaces and ended by publishing business websites using no-code tools. The innovations ranged from vehicle lifecycle improvements and disruptive donation platforms to rejuvenation practices in agriculture and engaging millennials in farming.

The next "Spark Summer 2024" is scheduled to Kick off on Wednesday, August 28. If you are interested in transforming your own business idea and growth, please join us!

About Spark


Spark is Moon's practical 1-week intensive program for 0 to 1 business creation. Participants from various regions, industries, companies, and departments come together to participate in a dynamic program to develop their business ideas.

Participants are divided into several groups to quickly shape their ideas through a mix of self-driven work, lectures, and advice from facilitators. In the end they pitch their ideas using a landing page created with no-code tools.


Hear from Participant's

“The experience of thinking through a design thinking, human-centered approach alone while getting feedback. Knowing and experiencing were two different things.”

“I was impressed by the fact that it forced the participants to have the experience of creating and pitching an landing page within a short period of one week.”

“Participants came from a diverse group of companies and generated a wide variety of ideas. Not only was there diversity, but also candid feedback.”


Group 2137.jpg

”Javier, looking back on Spark Spring 2024, what was the highlight for you?”

DSCF6407 2.jpg

“This Spark marked our first fully in-person, five-day intensive program. Transitioning from a hybrid model to all in-person posed new challenges but offered significant benefits. Enhanced networking among participants was a standout feature. Constant interaction through problem-space exploration, design research, solution ideation, business modeling, and final pitching transformed their ability to communicate ideas.

This led to some of the best early-stage idea pitching we've seen, reflecting a significant psychological shift. The impressive business ideas wowed visitors from Moon and Mitsui, as well as invited external guests. The passion and energy were palpable, showcasing the transformative power of the Spark experience.”


Group 2121.jpg

One idea transformed from a generic travel app to focus on the safety and needs of solo female travelers, driven by real user feedback.

Group 2122.jpg

One team shifted from addressing vehicle recycling costs to exploring three new solutions after AI feedback showed user indifference. This led them to split up and tackle multiple approaches instead of working as a single unit.

Group 2121 (1).jpg

One person pivoted from developing a Mars rover energy generator to designing a unique GPS collar for dogs, showcasing their innovative spirit.


“Passion and persistence promise transformative impact, driving meaningful change in their respective spaces.”

Javier: Spark ignited with a profound problem-exploration phase. Participants arrived with dreams of solving societal issues through business innovation. As they dived deeper, many had to pivot, embracing new directions. They repeatedly asked, "Why?" to uncover root causes, leading to profound insights. Some discovered they hadn't pinpointed the right stakeholders, while others realized their initial problems were just the tip of the iceberg. Their passion and persistence promise transformative impact, driving meaningful change in their respective spaces.

Transform your business idea at "Spark Summer 2024," starting Wednesday, August 28. Spaces are limited, so apply now to secure your spot. Learn more on the "Spark" page at Moon Creative Lab. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to ignite your creativity and growth!

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