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Tomopiia Hosts Symposium To Shape the Future of Nursing


Tomopiia, a Moon Creative Lab venture that helps patients with chronic illnesses track their care and communicate directly with nurses, held a symposium entitled, “Future Possibilities of Nursing” at Moon Creative Lab’s Tokyo Studio on Dec. 5, 2022. This event was part of Tomopiia’s skill-up workshops and information events that it provides for nurses.


More than 60 people gathered for the symposium, both in person and online. Attendees were excited for this rare opportunity to have a conversation with well-known guests in the nursing field, including Dr. Suga Sakamoto, vice president of Tokyo Healthcare University and a professor in the Department of Nursing.

Junichiro Shigemura, founder of Tomopiia and an Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) at Moon Creative Lab, kicked of the symposium, and Ayano Toshinai, Tomopiia’s executive manager and a nurse, expressed her gratitude for attendees:


“I feel Tomopiia is truly challenging the 'future of nursing.'”



Dr. Sakamoto gave a keynote speech in which she looked back on the history of nursing in Japan, confirmed the industry’s current situation, and talked about where nursing is headed in the post-COVID world.

Dr. Sakamoto stated that “chat = dialogue” is the key to the future of nursing in a society where contactless or remote options are more common:


“The future of nursing will not be created by technology, but rather by the dialogue that we humans engage in.”



Dr. Masahiro Yoshioka, director emeritus of  Eiseikai Medical Corporation’s Minami Tama Hospital, then kicked off the symposium discussion with speakers Hideo Ishida, CEO of Tekix, Inc.; Tatsunari Morimoto, executive officer of CHCP Home Nursing and president of N Field Inc.; and Dr. Sakamoto.  

This discussion was a lively exchange of opinions, with “dialogue” being one of the major keywords. “Dialogue” requires understanding one another while also understanding ourselves. In addition to dialogue between patients and nurses, the event led to conversations between managers and staff as well as among staff members.

At the end of the session, our guest speakers responded to the many questions and comments we received from participants, demonstrating the passion nurses have for this topic.

Tomopiia plans to continue providing events around the future of nursing and nurses' careers. You can check the latest information about Tomopiia on Tomopiia's official website.

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