A digital one-stop home construction platform for businesses and homeowners to procure construction materials and find reliable service providers.



The challenge was to identify the potential customer base who would be interested in the idea of an online B2B and B2C platform supporting building materials.To test this theory, the team needed to build a workable prototype and test it among target users which included small retailers, manufacturers and individual homeowners.


Currently, many Vietnam homeowners prefer to buy materials to build their homes themselves. This platform would be an opportunity to build trust among homeowners and provide small retailers the opportunity to connect with customers directly. In addition, manufacturers would have access to unique customer data improving the efficiency of their current supply chain.

Mitsui Team

Project Lead: Arata Hori (Innovative Business Development Div)

General Manager: Shingo Tada (Innovative Solution Business Div.)

Project Member: Yoshihiro Nakashima (Innovative Business Development Div)


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