Boost your early-stage startup.

Boost is an intensive, 3—6 month incubation program where we provide the support to boost your early-stage startup through a human-centered approach. 

After the 6-month incubation program, you can pitch to receive an investment of $300,000 USD at Moon Creative Lab’s Demo Day.

Boost FAQ

What support will I receive at Boost?

Depending on the stage of the new business and needs of the team, Moon can provide:

  • Support and mentorship from a diverse and creative team of experts in design, engineering, product, marketing, and more.
  • Help finding co-founders, team members, or strategic partners.
  • Working space at Moon’s Silicon Valley or Tokyo studio.
  • Potential for collaboration with Mitsui & Co. and its global network.
  • Membership in a dynamic community of founders and innovators.
  • Access to helpful SaaS tools to build your business.

Who can apply to Boost?

Boost is open to any person, team, or corporation looking to get expert advice and hands-on help for their early-stage business to get traction in the market. Some examples of what you can do at Moon:

  • Test assumptions about your users, market, and business model.
  • Design and build prototype products/services.
  • Test and iterate your product/service based on real user feedback.

How do I know if I am the right fit for Boost?

Moon is looking to help teams and corporations that have begun working on a new business idea and want to build or test prototypes with real customers. 

For those who want to pursue new business creation but don’t yet have a new business idea, we suggest you apply for our hands-on learning program, Spark

How much time is required to participate in Boost?

Depending on the stage of your startup and the needs of your team, time in Boost can be as light or heavy as required. Our goal is to help you improve your product/service with real feedback from customers as quickly as possible.

When is the next cohort for Boost?

Applications are closed for our Spring 2024 cohort. 

How much do you invest?

After participating in Boost, participants may present to the Moon Investment Committee in hopes of gaining $300,000 USD in funding. 

Participating startups will be able to pitch for an investment of $300,000 USD* on a post-money KISS/J-KISS at a $3M valuation cap – 10% of your company prior to dilution.

Teams wanting to present at Demo Day must incorporate their business prior to participation.

*Participation in Boost is subject to review. Selection for funding is based on pitches.

When is Moon Demo Day?

Moon’s next upcoming Demo Day is scheduled for Friday, 5 April 2024 for the Boost Fall 2023 Cohort.  

Followed by a separate Demo Day in early November for Boost Spring 2024 Cohort.  

What happens after Demo Day?

Moon will continue to provide teams support and guidance post-Demo Day.

What if my team is interested in applying for Boost?

We’re eager to work with corporate teams and bring your innovative ideas to life. Contact us here and we’ll send you information to share with your team to see if Boost is the right fit for you.

Have another question?

Would you like to learn more about our Boost program or speak directly with someone at Moon? Email us at

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