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Moon Creative Lab Congratulates Our Second Boost Cohort


28 ventures have been selected to participate in the second cohort of Boost, a business support program offered by Moon Creative Lab.

Boost is an intensive 3 month program that provides early-stage startups with support for business expansion from Moon's experts in a variety of fields. After participating in the program, businesses will also have the opportunity to pitch to Moon's investment committee for funding. In the first cohort of the program, a total of 16 startups from 10 countries participated. This year's program similarly attracted a variety of startups from Japan and abroad who underwent a rigorous screening and interview process.


From Individual Entrepreneurs

Baby products review & ranking website with purchase option. Founder is Lina Kaneki.

Help distribution businesses grow with financing & technology. Founder is Yann Schuermans.

Internship and career orientation app for university students across Japan. Founder is Ken Taniuchi.

Health-conscious vegan snacks, gummy vitamins as first product. Founder is Royyan Wafi Pujiyanto.

Simplifies road trips planning in rural Japan for tourists. Founder is Takujiro Oto.

Help teachers simplify STEM courses, track and manage them. Founder is Mutiara Hikma Mahendradatta.

  • FitVit

Health-conscious vegan snacks, gummy vitamins as first product. Founder is Siward Ludin.

  • Furious Green

Advanced AI technology training and consulting services. Founder is Francisco Dalla Rosa Soares.

  • LESS & CO

Beers made from surplus bread and sodas made from fruit & vegetables loss. Founder is Travinder Singh.

Guide/navigate visitors in local environments, voice-based. Founder is Toru Yamanaka.

Circular economy tech provider, digitizing the traditional collection system. Founder is Adi Saifullah Putra.

Small bicycle shop management platform with logistics capabilities. Founder is Jordan Scott.

Menstrual & symptom tracker app and at home hormone test kit. Founder is Kotoko Kimura.

Car-sharing marketplace where drivers can book cars from owners. Founder is Nik Muhammad Amin.

Eco-friendly and high-performance mycelium leather. Founder is Adi Reza Nugroho.

AI video interview for screeners and mock interviews. Founder is Agnes Wun.

Project management tool for freelancers juggling multiple projects. Founder is Reina Stott.

Multimodal gen-AI ecosystem with content management and monetization. Founder is Prakhar Aggarwal.

Running assistant with risk factor alerts and feedback. Founder is Shuhei Kobayashi.

Short-form video-based marketplace for local products. Founder is Salman Aljimeely.

Custom gift marketplace via smartphone keyboard extension app. Founder is Tito Guntur Safirda.

Marketplace for food products close to expiration date, at discounted prices. Founder is Maxim Haartsen.


Entrepreneurs From Mitsui

  • VitalGrit

Personalized fitness content platform with qualified trainers. Founder is Serene Li. 

  • V-bay

Online auction platform focused on imported used car from Japan. Founder is Noreen Nawaz.

  • Buddy

Supports expats new to Japan with onboarding and professional networking. Founder is Maryam Fallah.


Ideas and Startups From Mitsui Business Units (BUs)

  • Robot As A Service

Fully automated robotics hands for food manufacturing and processing. Founder is Kurata Miyashita. 

  • Agritech

Agritech is a sensor tech for improving their productivity toward sustainable farming. Team includes Alberto Takayama and Yoshihiro Katsuyama from the Mobility I & II & Food BU.

Waste recycling service for residents and brands in Greater Jakarta. Founder is Aris Munandar who was a previous Spark participant and encouraged to apply to our Boost program. Munandar joins us from the Mitsui Indonesia BU.

*These were the idea/business descriptions at the time of writing this article. Entrepreneurship and new ventures, by nature, are constantly evolving, so these descriptions may change along the journey. For more info, Please refer "Boost" Page.

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