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Parental Guidance Advised: Lullaby Launches New Services With Pigeon


Lullaby, a personalized sleep training service and platform for parents and their newborns, has collaborated with industry leader Pigeon Corporation launching a new service together that provides individual online consultations for breastfeeding, diet, and childcare. 

Key Learnings

  • Lullaby enhances their app with new consultation service
  • Meet the consultants 
  • Research reveals mothers’ top 3 concerns 
  • Hearing from the consultants


Lullaby enhances their app with new consultation service

As Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultants1 and under the supervision of doctors, Lullaby provides the latest research on baby sleep health and information tailored to parents in Japan. In addition to its existing infant sleep training service, Lullaby has recently launched a new range of consultation services for parents, including breastfeeding, weaning, and childcare.

Through a partnership with Pigeon Corporation, which focuses on creating a more baby-friendly world through its products and services, Lullaby is able to offer more consultation services than ever before. By having access to industry experts such as midwives, nutritionists, weaning/infant food advisors, childcare professionals, speech therapists, physical therapists, teachers, and many others, new parents are able to get the guidance and resources they need throughout their parenthood journey. 


Meet the consultants 

Fujiko: nursery teacher
Childcare consultation services for mothers and caregivers by a childcare professional, including advice on how to interact with and talk to children to promote their physical and mental development.

Momo Mommy: nutrition
Consultation on baby and toddler food, including how to prepare easy and healthy food for your child. 

Hana: midwife from Kaneko Midwifery Clinic
Provides help with breastfeeding and weaning.

Kaori: Montessori educator and nursery teacher
Offers guidance on childcare for children up to 3 years old. 


Research reveals mothers’ top 3 concerns


After surveying mothers of children who are 0-11 months old, the team learned that the top three concerns for new mothers are breastfeeding, sleep, and baby food.2 Though these things are all normal for new moms, concerns could be about their baby not taking to breastfeeding, not sleeping through the night, having allergies, or being introduced to new foods at the right time.

Additionally, interviews with Lullaby app users3 revealed that the ideas about breastfeeding, sleep, and baby food differ from family to family and are difficult to discuss with others, thus creating a need for more individualized consultations with specialists.

Hearing from the consultants

To choose their consultants, Lullaby worked with Pigeon to conduct a series of monitor tests where users were able to consult with area experts.

Consultation topic: dealing with the “terrible twos”
Consultant: Fujiko, nursery teacher

User feedback: “I was able to talk with her in a very friendly atmosphere and relaxed my shoulders about how to deal with the early stages. It was helpful that she gave me ideas on how to deal with my child and ideas to ease my way of thinking. It was very easy to talk to her! I was impressed with the idea of making food a fun event. I was also impressed by what she said when I told her that my daughter sometimes doesn't eat and I worry about whether she is getting enough nutrition.”


Consultation topic: Montessori education
Consultant: Kaori, Montessori teacher

User feedback: “I hated myself for getting angry and frustrated when I was working with children, but I was relieved when [Kaori] said that it is difficult unless I know why the child is behaving the way he or she is. She told me why my child was acting the way he was, what he was interested in by age, and not only that, she told me about my son's actual behavior. Just knowing how I should treat my son in these situations and what he is interested in at this time has made me less frustrated than before, and I have learned to be calm with my son and allow him more time for his behavior. As for playing at home, there are many items that can be found at 100-yen stores, and I can quickly incorporate them into my home, so I feel that I am able to spend more time at home on holidays and rainy days, and I feel more fulfilled.”


Consultation topic: how to play with children as they grow
Consultant: Kanako, physical therapist

User feedback: “First of all, I am surprised and grateful that the process from application to individual consultation went so quickly and that I was able to discuss my concerns right away. In my case, my concern was about my child turning over. In child-rearing books, it is written only that ‘it is time for the child to be able to turn over,’ etc. I did not understand how the child's body works to turn over, and was puzzled as to why the child did not turn over very often. This time, I learned a lot by learning in detail about the causes of not turning over and the mechanism of turning over. First, she praised me for what my child was doing, and then told me what I was not doing or what I was missing, so I could easily accept her advice. Also, Kanako taught us by using her body, so it was easy to visualize what she was doing.”


For more information about Lullaby, visit their website, Twitter, and Instagram.

You can download the Lullaby app via iOS and Android.

1. Certified by the Consultant of Infant Sleep Association (CISA)
2. Pigeon research (conducted in May 2022, web-based survey, 500 mothers with first child aged 0-11 months)
3. Lullaby app user interviews (conducted from January to February 2023, interviewed about 50 people)

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