A web service that visualizes localized energy consumption, energy cost and GHG emissions of an organization to stay on top of their sustainability and energy management goals.



The challenge is that energy is difficult to understand, from contract terms to pricing mechanics. There are even more complexities around obtaining renewable energy and environmental certificates. Managing energy data is also difficult. Companies find challenges even with the simplest of questions. Without properly managed data, understanding a company’s current carbon footprint is a cumbersome task. Lastly, the energy world is filled with asymmetric access to information. Individual service providers only care about selling their product, often leaving consumers questioning whether a solution is the right one or if pricing is at market-level.


With Prime Minister Suga announcing Japan's 2050 carbon goals, the race towards carbon neutrality is at an all-time high. However, businesses and organizations are struggling to take the initial step towards implementing a mindful strategy. Many organizations do not have efficient processes in place to effectively measure their consumption and corresponding emissions, as well as measuring and verifying any counter-initiatives (e.g., energy efficiency projects, renewable energy projects, clean energy procurement). The opportunity is to help customers (businesses and organizations) manage and analyze energy data by aggregating utility bill data in order to provide actionable insights.

Mitsui Team

Toma Yamasaki (New Downstream Business Unit)


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