A platform focused on providing mothers a safe community to connect and support each other.



Build a trustworthy partner through innovation that provides a strong support system for every woman navigating motherhood in the 21st century.


It takes a village to raise a child, yet so many mothers still feel like they are raising their children alone. Most child care, education, and entertainment focuses on children only. There is a lot at stake in motherhood and it can be overwhelming. Every mother needs deep-seeded empathy and a strong support system, especially for first-time mothers. In most cases, a mother’s mental health is often neglected due to stigma and pressures from society. There is a great need to create a community that speaks specifically to the needs and realities of life during motherhood.


Inna Circle supports moms by addressing the stressors of motherhood and providing a place for them to connect and relax over high-quality child-care. By connecting mothers, Inna Circle makes it easier to talk about the challenges experienced during motherhood in a safe and supportive environment. These challenges are intimately connected to their identity and home and it’s important that MOM247 focuses its importance on cultural and contextual specificity. Inna Circle will first launch in the Philippines because of the personal ties the EIRs have here.
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Rosa Dell A. dela Torre 
Consumer-Centric Business Development Unit, Wellness Business Department, Singapore

Rodellie Grace Aldas 
Consumer-Centric Business Development Unit, Food & Retail Business Division, Asia Pacific


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