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Celebrating Women's International Day


Moon Creative Lab continuously honors the incredible women around us who connect, create, and inspire us every day, but on International Women’s Day, we joined the world in celebrating women everywhere.


Much like the groundbreaking first footsteps on the moon set the path for progress, women have been pioneering and paving their own way towards equality across the world. And as March comes to a close, we can’t forget to mention that not only was it Women’s History Month, but International Women’s Day was celebrated on March 8.

Striking the “break the bias” pose for International Women’s Day.
Striking the “break the bias” pose for International Women’s Day.

Throughout the second week of March, we collaborated with our parent company to organize an interactive booth and fun workshops, which resulted in over 200 participants in Tokyo, Japan. In addition to wearing purple clothes and purple masks to align with the official color of International Women’s Day (IWD), taking photos with the IWD #breakthebias pose, and displaying the names of women who actively inspire and contribute to a better world, we held workshops that promoted the awareness of bias through interactive quizzes, games, and thoughtful discussions.

We celebrated all the wonderful and brave women across the globe by adding our favorite songs from female artists to a Spotify playlist, sharing objects that remind of us women we admire, learning about bias and how we can help accelerate women’s equality, and getting inspired by Ari Horie, founder and CEO of Women’s Startup Lab, who shared her experience in increasing women’s contribution to the growth of business and entrepreneurial success.

Spotify playlist
We created a playlist full of our favorite women in music. Follow along!

International Women’s Day was also a great opportunity to hear from some of our women Entrepreneurs-in-Residence here at Moon. We talked to Guihua Hong, the founder of audible learning platform VOOX, and Grace Aldas and Dell Delatorre, who have recently joined Moon as founders of MOM247, a platform and community for mothers. (*Answers have been edited for clarity.)

What advice would you give to others who are experiencing bias?

Dell: As a woman, empower yourself so companies can see your worth as a woman. If you’re accepted to do admin work, go out of your way to improve yourself and learn new skills so the company would see that you are also fit or have the potential to be capable of a different skilled role. Having dialogue with HR about gender shouldn’t be the main concern in job qualification, even in smaller roles.

Grace: Accept that there will always be different perspectives, but also help promote self-awareness and mindfulness about our own unconscious biases.

Hong: Anyone may have bias. We need to be more kind and tolerant, listen to different voices by having more open-minded conversations, and try to understand different sides. Do more and deliver the outcomes by actions rather than talking or explaining about the standpoint as a woman. If the bias is still there after you’ve made all the efforts you can, then leave it without any regret.

The week of International Women’s Day was an influential one. We celebrated the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements women have contributed to our society, and learned about and honored women in our lives, around the world, and throughout history. We can’t help but to be moved by these admirable women and acknowledge the significant impact they have on us every day.

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